Our proven record of expertise and professionalism has enabled us to become leaders in the field.

Party Panache Ltd. is a full service design and event coordination company with three decades of experience. We founded Party Panache Ltd. in 1981 driven by a passion to create unique and extraordinary invitations for those special events in your life. Taking a cue from our clients, we gradually expanded our business to provide a full range of services to help you plan the event you've always dreamed of. Over the years, we've developed relationships with many of the industries preeminent vendors. These relationships enable us to offer all of our clients a customized party that exceeds their expectations while meeting their budgetary needs. Whether you're simply looking for the perfect invitation or you want someone to take over the reins and coordinate your entire event, Party Panache Ltd. has the right resources to help you achieve your goal.

Nancy Blankfeld and Adrienne Lieberman, co-founders of Party Panache Ltd., have a unique relationship. Not only are we business partners and great friends, but we are also sisters-in-law. Our combined energies have us constantly bouncing creative ideas off of each other, and as a result we can provide clients with fabulous and innovative ideas for every aspect of their event.

Kathie Kovant joined the Party Panache team in 2005. She has quickly developed a fantastic rapport with clients and is truly an asset to the team.

The newest addition to our team, Marisa Blankfeld Zimmerman, recently left the corporate world to share her expertise with us. Having grown up in the business and holding an MBA in marketing, Marisa was a natural fit to be our resident blogger and help expand the reach of our New York based business.

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