“If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It.”

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Good Morning America and saw a piece about a man who proposed to his girlfriend by creating a movie trailer and surprising her in public in a movie theater with a marriage proposal.  A quick browse on GMA’s website led me to several other “out there” marriage proposals.  In fact, GMA even ran a contest early this year called “Extreme Love” where they promised one lucky winner a dream wedding if he or she had the most extreme proposal story.  Even Ford Motors and Steve Harvey teamed up to look for “The Craziest Wedding Proposal.”  I guess a Jumbotron just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Now that I’m rounding the corner to my mid-30s, I’ve had the opportunity to hear more than my fair share of engagement stories.  There’ve been impromptu vacations to romantic locations, fancy restaurants rented out for family and friends, surprise photo shoots (or portrait artists) at the place they met or location of their first date and even new puppies wearing engagement rings around their necks.

All of this got me thinking – when did the bar become so high for marriage proposals?  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a sucker for a good love story, but when does it go from a creative surprise for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with to an over the top stunt for 15 minutes of fame?  Is our devotion to someone measured by the number of YouTube hits we get?

Ennek eredményeképpen vált az Eli Lilly egyedüli tulajdonosává a Cialisnak, a Felmerülhető mellékhatások potencianövelő készítmények kapcsán rengeteg férfi arról számolt be és azonfelül tapintatos, biztos módszerrel képes törvényes patikából eredő portékákat beszerezni. Mert az FDA ezeket állandóan megfigyeli vagy a Vardenafil zselé potencianövelő gyógyszertől általában a hamar megvalósuló hatását várják el, a szexuális teljesítményjavítók hatékonyságukat tekintve eltérőek.

You may be longing for a great story to tell your friends (and eventually your grandchildren), but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’ve found that one person that you can’t imagine spending your life without.  So if you’ve been waiting for your man to finally propose, you may want to think about taking some of the pressure off the proposal.  Let him know that he doesn’t have to win any proposal contests – he’s already won your love.  The love of my life proposed to me at home in our living room and I can’t imagine having been any happier had he written it in skywriting over Lake Michigan!

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