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Marriage is all about compromise, so when my husband (then fiancé) declared “I do not want a wedding website,” I caved.  If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s that I have to pick my battles.  Little did I know that his hesitancy to have our “About Us” section aired across the Internet would lead to lots of little annoyances throughout our engagement.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have picked this battle and won.  Here’s why a wedding website is a great idea.

Info on accommodations:  I need more hands to count the number of e-mails I got from out of town friends that read, “I lost your Save the Date, can you send me the hotel details again?”  Really?!?!  Is this a generational thing that we can’t hold onto a piece of paper for more than five minutes?  Is there an app for that?  If only we had a website where my iPhone loving friends could find all these details!

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Registries: We all have them, so how do you get the word out? It’s tacky to include registry information on a Save the Date or invitation, but it’s totally acceptable to include your wedding website on a Save the Date.  Problem solved – a wedding website is a great place for wedding guests to find out where you’re registered.

Everything else:  A wedding website can help save you valuable time from not having to field phone calls and e-mails with questions from guests.  It can serve as a one-stop shop for your guests to find all the information they need.  It’s the who, what, when and where of your wedding festivities, so take advantage of it.  I can’t promise that your 90 year old great aunt will know how to find your website, but for everybody else, it’s a really helpful tool.

These days, great wedding websites are a click away.  WeddingWire has a great FREE wedding website service – and you can even choose background music!

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